Scott Burdick

      1991 Susan                                                                                    2011  


"Sila with Garlic" Cappadocia, Turkey, oil, 30" by 24"


"Backlit Boats" Turkey, oil, 10" by 12" Plein air

"Nuriye" Cappadocia, Turkey, oil

"Prayer's for Freedom" Tibet, oil, 14" by 11"



"Red Dancer" Sevilla, Spain, oil, 24" by 18"


"Richard Dawkins" charcoal

"James Dunn" charcoal

"Clapping - Sevilla, Spain" oil, 24" by 18"


"Angela" oil, 29" by 25"
This is a plein air piece I painted in my backyard.

"Sevilla Dancer # 2" watercolor




"Rose Cly" oil, 60" by 40"

This is one of the Navajo people I painting from a trip I took out to Monument Valley last summer. I love the people on the Navajo reservation there. A kind Navajo husband and wife took me around to meet and paint some of their older relatives, most of whom spoke only Navajo. In doing these paintings, I wanted to capture the moment as it is now, with the combination of old and new together.
When I returned recently with Susan to do some more paintings, I printed out this painting to give to the woman who is depicted here, and everyone laughed at the fact that I included the out-house in the background.




"Warm Coat" oil, 40" by 30"

Here's another Navajo man I painted from the reservation near Monument Valley. I loved his coat as much as his face -- both of which showed the character of a long, productive life.



Here's a drawing of the same man.



"Yanka" oil, 20" by 30"




      1991 Susan                                                                                    2011  

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